Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Springbrook National Park

The night was spent in stages of cold and not cold in the swag. The sleeping bag I got is good until about 5°C (they say) and the night was four. Funnily enough it was still warmer than some nights in the hostel. Just when the shoulder pocked out of the bag it got cold fast and my small toe couldn't be felt in the morning. Will have socks on the next night.
Once up in the morning I had a fast breakfast and after getting some directions from the Simon (manager) I set of towards Mt. Nimmel. A bit confusing as Mt. Nimmel isn't actually a mountain, it's more of a hill with a lot of mansions on it. Mansions because of the view. If you built your house right you had a clear view down over the Gold Coast. I could think that especially at night it would be rather spectacular. From the road you had a decent view, but there was always a tree or some housing in the way.
Soon after I carried on to Springbrook, a mountain village about half an hour from the Gold Coast. It borders one of the national parks (named Springbrook, wow!) and has some really good waterfalls. First of I drove to a lookout called “The Best of All”. It gave a really good view over an extinct volcano that was massive. Only the crater is left today, full of farms and villages and the lookout is situated on what used to be the lip of the crater. 
Coming back I took a walk around Purlingbrook Falls which has a large waterfall dropping down from the edge of the crater in to the surrounding valley. Got some really good pictures there, as the sun was also just the right angle to make a waterfall appear at the bottom of the falls. After about 6km of walking and seeing various fauna, flora and people I was back were I had started, and hungry. Cooked up some soup at the picnic site they had there and enjoyed some nice warm lunch. Temperature wise it is still cold in the day to. Must be acclimating to Australian temperatures, never used to think that 20°C was cold.
After lunch I drove on to a tourist place called Canyon View and was greeted with a stunning view over the surrounding mountains and the Gold Coast in the distance. Spending some time there I realised that they also had some walks going around. One was two kilometres, another one four and the last one 17. As it was mid afternoon and the sun goes down at about five I wasn't game enough to walk the 17km track, but from what I heard from others I didn't miss to much by doing the four. Passed three waterfalls, two above and bellow them and one bellow. You had to walk under two of them, but I got lost close to the first one and ended up on the other side of it (somehow). The second waterfall walkway was situated so that you did get a bit wet walking underneath it, but no massive drench. Carrying on I met no one for a while before encountering a group in front of me who had stopped. We both had the worry that we were doing the 17km one backwards, but some quick thinking on how we were situated geographical solved that problem (we were still on the right path). Reached the car again after a while and drove back to the camp-site after having an ice.
The two Germans where still there (Chris & Jana) and both of them are visiting Lamington National Park tomorrow, so I'll tag along with them. The weather is better now and I was recommended to have a look at it from both Iain and Leanne.

Dinner in the evening and then some camp fire warmth against the cold before going back to the swag for some sleep.  

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