Friday, June 3, 2016

Mansfield - Albury

Once again a late get up for me. Most likely due to the nice warm bed I had. After some breakfast I was off to pick up the swag.
In the shop I decided to give a try building it up, as I had never really had a go with swags yet. Fortunately I did, as my special commission (a central support bar) turned out to be about five centimetres to long. With the workshop in the back it was a matter of minutes to get that fixed and I had a fully functioning swag.
Set of through the mountains with only a short term plan of where to go. My main goal is Brisbane, how I get there I don't really mind. Advantage of having an own car. Driving towards Whitefield was alright, the road was windy, fun and sealed. Detoured of a short distance to a lookout called Power Lookout which had a good view over the valley I was heading in to. Turned of the main road in Whitefield and took a back road towards Mount Buffalo National Park. (Interesting Information: I have been following a really good astrophotographer for a couple of years now and he does most of his pictures in that are). 
Passed a lot of wineries and then cattle farmers and it started raining after a while. The scenery was still really nice, with creeks, lakes and mountains around. Somewhere along the way I had to cross a dam, one of the first I have seen in Australia. Water does not seem that much of an issue in this part of Australia. The locals seemed to rejoice at the rain, though, as bonfires were going up everywhere.
Reaching Myrtleford I carried on straight through and took the country road opposed to the main highway. At a crossing further along I had to make a decision. Use the new swag on a camp-site somewhere along the main road through the mountain or take a night in Albury. Camp-site would be cheaper, but it had started chucking down the rain. So I opted for the night in the YHA in Albury. Don't regret it either. It took me a while to find it, but the rooms are nearly all empty, so I now have a four person dorm to myself (again) and free WiFi. Plus it has started bucketing down the rain outside. From what the woman at the reception said it isn't looking to good for the weekend either.

Well, see how it goes.  

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