Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Lamington National Park

Woke up in the morning a lot warmer than the one before. T-Shirt and socks most likely helped a lot. And a nice warm shower after breakfast was just the right thing for the morning.
As Chris and Jana were both going to Lamington National Park today I decided to tag along, as doing the walks with other people is most likely more fun than alone. Said good bye to Simon and headed of. We drove for quite a while and after passing through …. we carried on for a bit longer. Chris pulled over and sort of asked where we were as we seemed to have gone a bit to far. Turned around and went back to Canungra where we then turned of towards Lamington. To get there we travelled along a really windy road. The closest resemblance would be a pass in the Alps somewhere, just with a lot narrower roads. We got stuck behind a really slow driving vehicle towards the end, but got to the top in the end. At the top we went to the tourist information and asked what walks could be started mid afternoon (our time of arrival) to which we then got directions for a tree top walk and a waterfall.
We took the wrong turn for the tree top walk and ended up walking past the end of it, but doubled back and did it. Fun for those of us who aren't afraid of heights. 
After the tree top walk we carried on to the waterfall, which took a while of walking. It's surprising how late it can appear in a jungle like forest. Due to the canopy, everything is a lot darker, double so once you get in to valley and the temperature drops, too. We reached the waterfall in good time, but had to do some clambering over wet rocks to get to it in the end (which mostly went without a hitch). Pictorial waterfall, but after a few pictures we left again, as time (and the sun) where against us.
On the way back we stopped at the tree top walk again and climbed right to the top on to a platfrom. We couldn't do it before as there where so many people lining up for it, but the second try yielded better results with no one else there. The view was rather... pointless actually. All we could see was the branches. I guess it sort of can be an educational thing on the different layers of trees, but no view. Went back down and walked back to the cars (playing some table tennis on the way and feeding some birds). Hopped back in and set of for a camp somewhere near Brisbane. Chris has got an app that shoes all the camps in Australia, one I will be getting as well (probably).

After just managing to follow him along a packed motorway and city in rush hour (he had a blue eski on the roof which helped immensely) we got to a camp site and had some dinner before heading to bed.  

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