Sunday, March 8, 2015

Ski Touring Bleispitze

I had promised Norbert, a water rescue colleague of mine, that I would go ski touring with him sometime this year. So today was the day that we did that. I borrowed the gear from FlickFlack again, but just for one day this time.
So at seven in the morning, Norbert, Nicole, Christian and me set of towards the Bleispitze, a mountain located near to the Zugspitze (highest mountain in Germany). We arrived at the bottom at about 8 AM and got our gear ready. Nicole was the only one with snow shoes, the rest of us had touring skies. We set of up through a forest and had to climb over a few small water dams. We got out in to a bit more open area, but still with forest and carried on after a short rest. We breached the tree line and shortly after the sun hit us. I was lagging behind a bit from about one third up the way already, something was wrong with the joint between my hip and leg, probably not used to carrying the weight of a ski and boot. We walked along a snowed up valley with the sun now burning down on us. Sounds harsher than it was, actually. We had a bit of wind and the altitude to cool us down so the temperature wasn't to bad. Getting near to the top Norbert took of his furs, skied back down to me and walked up to the cross the rest of the way. Nicole and Christian where already waiting at the top and we had a short snack with a view from 2200 metres above sea level. Skied back down through rather melted up snow near the top but got in to super snow further down which we took full advantage of until to a small hut further down. Sat down in the snow and had an hour of peace and quiet in the sun. Skied down the rest and through the forest in which we had a narrow track to follow and a few drops near waterfalls. Got back to the car, de-geared, waited for Nicole (as snow shoes aren't as good as skies down hill) and drove back home.
Along the way we got stuck in a queue for a while and delivered my gear back in Pfronten. Went home and recover from some muscle strains but well worth it. Better a bit of an ache and done something than spend the whole day at home in this weather.
A track at GPSies from where we went and some pictures at Picasa.

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