Sunday, March 22, 2015

Dubai stop to Australia: Day 2

And today started my first and last full day in Dubai. Waking up I had a small breakfast consisting mainly of toast, butter and jam. The hotel doesn't offer a lot more than that, as it is the cheapest one I got. At least it has internet.
After breakfast I wanted to try the online check-in for my flight to Australia as it would be more comfortable for me to have enough leg room for a flight more than double as long as the one to Dubai. Unfortunately it didn't work for some reason again, so after chatting to Johanna in NZ and getting a few tips from Brian as to where I can find a good bar (he was here 12 years ago) I set of back in to the city proper.
First goal was the renown ski resort built in the middle of the dessert. Getting there wasn't that much of a challenge as it was uncomfortable. A full metro train is not really my thing I like doing. Arrived at the desired station and walked through the “Mall of the Emirates”. Loads of clothes, jewellery and sun glass shops. So many it took me a while to find the ski resort in itself. I was on the wrong floor to get in thought, so I walked once around the mall (which took ages) and walked in the correct way. I found the ski slope again, had a look at the prices and left. They charge 200 Dirham (about 50€) for a two hour ski pass. I pay less than that for a glacier in the Alps, so I stayed to watching the slope through a glass window. Funny felling seeing all the people inside wear snow suits and gloves when you are in shorts and sandals. When I walked around the mall before I saw the air conditioning machines, really big ones.
Getting back on to the metro I headed further south than before and visited the down town “living” section (I guess you could call it). From there I took a tram to the beach and then a monorail connection to the end of the palm tree they built in Dubai. At the end of the monorail/palm tree was that very expensive hotel they built a while ago. I didn't know it would take me there, but I got out with a rabble of Chinese people. Walked along the “artificial” coast for a while, walked in to the helicopter landing pad area and had a chat with a security guy that was there from Nepal to work in Dubai. Said goodbye to him after a while and repeatedly tried to get in the inner area of the hotel. But they seem to have set guards up at every small entrance. I did get in to the deposit area after a bit of wandering around but was told to leave the vicinity immediately (their fault if they build roads without walking lanes for the normal people). I also finally got to see some beach after getting on to an open beach of sorts. Got a picture towards Dubai down town and then went back on the monorail and the tram to the metro. I took the metro all along the way until I saw what I thought was the bar Brian had suggested. Walked down my first street with skyscrapers surrounding me.

I found Brians suggested bar after some walking, but they would have probably not let me in, in sandals, shorts and just a t-shirt. I ate in my first ever KFC instead. After the meal I walked back to metro and took the journey to the airport, to see how long it would take. The daily ticket I bought for the metro sure was worth it and I can see the good side that some town people have always said. You get there when you want to and in at least five minutes there is a train to take you towards your destination. Going back I realised that nearly every skyscraper has something no other city has in that quantity. A crane at the top. Most buildings are being built and used at the same time.
I arrived back at the hotel to have a shower and get prepared for the flight tomorrow while the Muezzins are calling out over the city.  

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