Saturday, March 14, 2015

Ski Teacher Silvretta Montafon

The annual ski teacher excursion was this weekend. Our goal this time was Silvretta Montafon in the Austrian Alps, just on the boarder to Switzerland. After a fun drive there with a bit of a traffic jam we got ready whilst Hanse got the tickets.
Heidi, Sebastian, Hanse and me then set of up one side of the valley to ski around in the resort on one side. You could also ski on the other side which is what we did after a morning of skiing down most of the off piste sections. It was a bit icy at some times, but Hanse and Sebastian can tell rather well how the snow is going to be, so we had two excellent guides. If a bit insane at some points, but we got down everything without a hitch.
In the afternoon and for lunch we went over to the other side and whilst Sebastian skied down to the very bottom the three of us that where left had some lunch at the top, with a view in to the mountains. We carried on skiing throughout the whole afternoon, met the others sometimes and basically where only on ski routes (not pistes) the whole time. The pistes where a bit to full for our liking. At the end of the day Sebastian and me had a run down a step black piste whilst Hanse and Heidi returned to the bus to make sure everything was in order.
Set of back home and had a great evening in the restaurant with all the rest of the ski teachers.

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