Saturday, March 21, 2015

Dubai stop to Australia: Day 1

Important things first. Status: on my way to Australia! After months of planning the moment has finally come.
Friday was the day I was leaving, so I packed and tidied up all the rest of my stuff that hadn't been done yet. Including the complete dismantling of my computer. Mums was built up nearly instantly afterwards, as my former bedroom is now the new office. After a bit of rushing around getting last minute things done, I said my goodbyes to mum and drove of with dad to the airport. I was a bit nervous to begin with, must have been, I checked if my passport and ticket where there once I had already laid everything in to the back of the car.
Most of the way to Munich went without a hitch, the motorways where rather full. It did happen twice that we where stuck in traffic jams, but they dispersed after a few minutes of standing still. Arrived at the airport and had ten minutes to say bye to dad (he would have to pay to park, otherwise) before I went to the check in. Was nervous. I got my luggage in, after confusing the check in lady by saying my destination was Sydney (only if the next flight is within 24 hours or something like that) and getting pushed away from the bulky check in area by the police, as there was an unsupervised suitcase standing there. Got through the metal detector no problem once again and sat down to wait for my flight. Who rings up a few minutes later, Nico. Where is he, on the other side of a glass wall at the airport. He came to say good bye and to make some pictures of the airport. He managed to take a few pictures of the plane I was going to be on (Emirates A380). Had a talk with him standing not 50 metres away but with our mobile phones. Said my final goodbyes after a while and boarded the plane.
That machine is huge on the inside. I stand at 1,95m (6,3 foot I think) and normally have to walk through a plane in a crouched position, but not in this one. The leg space was a bit little for someone my hight, but I got a seat at the gangway so I could (occasional) stretch them out. A rather large screen and a whole load of information, communication and entertainment programs meant the flight wouldn't be too long. Seriously, until you have finished with everything they offer you'd have to fly around the world a few times. After a ton of information about flight security and the other usual things we took of from Munich airport, my last moments on German soil for a rather long time, I would wager. In flight was comfortable. I had a married couple next to me who where on their way to Thailand and the kids where following the next week. Watched a few film, checked where we were a few times, had some chicken, rice, dessert, etc. to eat and slept for about one and a half hours. Stupid me, started watching a good film which took nearly three hours.
Once we arrived in Dubai, the air temperature had already reached 24°C at six in the morning. Exited the plane and collected the baggage after waiting rather long. I had a look at the airport in that time. Strange, standing in the middle of the desert and seeing water being pumped about everywhere. Got my bag and noticed an immediate error, I had packed to much in my hand luggage and as I can't carry that on my back any longer due to me owning a trekking rucksack I carried the other one around like that. I just need to pack it lighter and I can fix it on to the back of the main rucksack. Until I managed to work out where the exit actually was, in my sleep deprived mind, and got a taxi to take me to the hotel I am staying in I was felling a bit knackered (stupid film). They hadn't got any rooms prepared yet so I waited for a short while to drop my rucksacks in a room and have an hour of rest.

After that, exploring Dubai. I am here for two days and hope to see as much of the town as I can. To start with I had to work out how the ticket machines for the underground work. They have Arabic written coins which I don't have a clue about. No idea if its two or one Dirham. Luckily (for us western people) they have added our numbers on the back of the notes, so we can tell what is what. After getting that sorted it was of to main attraction, the Burj Khalifa, the highest building in the world, and doesn't it tower over the rest. You notice it immediately. Getting to the building in itself was a bit of a challenge, as they have built a huge shopping mall between the station and the building. But once outside I came just in time to witness a water show in front of the building. As it is the highest in the world you cant seem to get it in to one picture from to close with a normal camera. After the show I strolled around Dubai for a while, without a plan just seeing what it looks like. Me coming from the land in front of the Alps in Germany am not used to the stench of a city, but that seems to be the price you pay for having trains coming in to stations every 5 minutes going the same way. The standard car in Dubai seems to be any type of SUV, mainly Range Rover. If you have a bit more money you mostly get yourself a Porsche, Ferrari or Lamborghini. I saw at lest two of the later and heard a few more throughout the day. After also seeing the huge (basically everything here is big) aquarium they have built in to the centre of the shopping mall, filled with sharks, mantas and other big fish, I hopped back on to the overfilled railways and went to find some beach. I saw the Burj al Arab of in the distance, and knowing it is built in to the sea, got of at the nearest station to it, which was still about three kilometres away from the hotel building. Did a lot of walking today, practically on and empty stomach, but that is probably a sign of what is to come. Could have got a taxi, but you don't get talked up by some Indian street seller, trying to sell you an iPhone. There is a large amount of Indian people in Dubai, but it could also be me, not being able to tell the difference between Arab and Indian people (still pretty sure most of them are Indian).
After walking through some touristy shopping centre I was close to the sea, but didn't get to see it as it is all brought and privatised. No public access. After lying in the shade of some palm trees for a while, drinking lots of water and watching some colourful birds squabble I headed back to the train station and to the hotel. Got myself something small to eat on the way back as the restaurants I have seen so far either look expensive or suspicious.

Back at the hotel I had a small rest and once the city night life had started I set out with my DSLR and captured night pictures of Dubai. I also watched a few of the water shows in front of the Burj Khalifa before returning back to the hotel for some sleep time.  


  1. Thanks for sharing the first leg of your long journey and Dubai with us. Max :) Going skiing? It's snowed again here. Take care and enjoy x

  2. Die Farbe vom Lamborghini finde ich schon etwas gewagt :-)

    1. War der einzig stehende wo ich so nahe hin kam wo ich gefunden habe.

  3. Lovely hearing from you Max, I hope the flight to Sydney goes well, take care x