Saturday, February 28, 2015

Off-Piste Skiing Nesselwang

Out skiing today, and what a ski day it was.
Pip, Radford, Tom and his girlfriend Amy are over here for Rhiannons 18th birthday and also decided to ski whilst the snow is still here. As Amy has never skied and I am a ski teacher I spent the morning skiing with her and teaching her how it is done. She grasped the concept fast for someone who has never stood on skies before and after just three hours we had her up to the Kronenhütte for some coffee after which she skied down. We also met Heidi and Herman in the Kronenhütte, enjoying the fresh snow from yesterday night.
After the drink I took Amy down where we met the rest. The girls, Chris and Philip went home for some lunch whilst Radford, Tom, Dad and me went up again. We lost Radford near to the beginning as we decided to go down the Grüne Strich and Radford stuck to the normal piste.
We had loads of fun in the afternoon, going through forests where no one had skied till then. Going through fresh snow and over tree stumps. Toms way better than what I remember. He just does not fall over any more and we spent the afternoon skiing down through forests and along snowed up valleys. We met a few people, but the bulk of them stayed at the bottom and the few that did come to the top of the Alpspitze stayed on the piste.
A super day and probably going to spend some more skiing time the next days as winter is luckily still present.
Rhiannons parts coming up and I am the grill chef, on the 28 of February!!

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