Saturday, November 1, 2014

Grüntenhütte & Alpe Rossberg

I had not biked up the Grünten in a long time, especially to the Rossberg Alpe. It snowed for the first time about two weeks ago and as biking up in metres of snow isn't possible I needed to get it done in the near future.
I asked dad to come with me, so early in the morning (about half past eight) we set of towards the Guardian of Allgäu (a nickname of the Grünten). As it is November the morning was rather fresh, but most of the way going was uphill anyway, so we where warm. I also had a few layers of clothes on, planned to be of use when we bike down the Kranzegger Steig. Going past Wertach we only saw people with dogs out and about, no other people or bikers (cars don't count). Took a different way down the Kranzegger Steig, the old pass road. Reaching the bottom of the valley we turned left of the main road and started biking uphill. Biked up the north side of the Grünten, so it was the “colder” side, but going uphill you really don't notice. All around us the trees where in autumn bloom, lots of reds and yellows. Saw another biker and a guy working on a house, a near suicidal project on the first of November here in catholic Bavaria. Everybody is supposed to go to their relatives graves and not do anything else. Also saw more and more people walking up the Grünten (probably tourists) and another biker behind us when we where further up. Getting towards the Grüntenhütte was a challenge in itself, as going up the front is one of the steepest climbs I know which is still bike-able. If it weren't tarmac I wouldn't get up there. Reached the Grüntenhütte a bit before dad and had a chat with the biker in front of us on the way up. He was looking for a way to get around the snow field in front of us.
Dad and me had a rest at the hut, something to drink and some freshly cooked Wiener and Maultaschen. After that further up through snowy fields and melt-water streams. More and more people where appearing on the mountain, all on their way up to the war memorial. Dad and me turned away from the main route a bit further up and went down the backside of the Grünten towards the Rossberg Alpe. Along avalanched tracks and across snowy fields, Dad biked rather a lot and I got wet feet. Arrived at the Rossberg Alpe and had a nice long chat with Gabi and two friends of hers whilst having another drink and some cheese on bread.
Back down after a while along a interesting path in the forest, which was snowed up. Dads front wheel slipped on some ice under the water in a stream, but he kept control and biked on (I pushed once again, snow and me on a bike don't mix well).
After that a long run home around the Grüntensee, where all the people had appeared to take a walk.
Track at GPSies and pictures at Picasa. Dads blog here.

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