Sunday, October 12, 2014

Forgensee Sailing

Out sailing on the Forgensee today with mum and dad. Wanted to go sailing again before the lake runs dry for the winter. Unfortunately Daniel and Rhiannon couldn't join this time, so we will have to take Rhiannon out some time soon, as she is the only one that hasn't been yet.
Got their in the afternoon, as that is the best time to sail around here. The afternoon mountains suck the air towards them, giving us some strong wind. Sailing out of port we once again had near to no wind, but it picked up after a while and we where soon zipping across the lake at top speed some where near to 8 km/h. We tried (and managed most of) some manoeuvres to keep our knowledge fresh and fit. Apparently the worst time to forget sailing things is the winter after you learnt sailing, as you do near to nothing for those months.
After having a few hours of sailing we proceeded back to the harbour and rowed to land. On the way back home, mum bought some tickets for her and me for the EOFT (European Outdoor Film Tour), a series of small film in a theatre all centred around amazing things people have done. Dad couldn't join as he had spinning for that night. One of the guys in the film that climbs up cranes, buildings, etc. without harness was actually there and said hello to everyone. Late night back (after a park place chaos) and to bed for work the next day.
Dads blog here, where you will also find a GPS track of the weird way we sailed.

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