Sunday, November 2, 2014

Stubai Glacier

Yesterday biking, today skiing. Not a lot of places you can do that on the planet.
A few weeks ago, two fellow ski teachers asked if anybody from the ski teachers wanted to go skiing on the Stubai glacier today. A few said yes and some went during the week, but in the end it added up to being three of us. Set of early in the morning, whilst the night was still present and made our way to the glacier. Stopped at a bakery for some breakfast on the way and carried on. No traffic jam on the way, as we where so early. Normally it is the norm getting towards and in winter that the pass roads are blocked.
Changed, got our tickets and took a lift up to the glacier where we had sunshine, blue ski and not to many people for the whole day. There where a lot of people there, but due to the glacier being such a large ski area, it was distributed nicely across the pistes. We skied of piste a few times as well, but that didn't end up to well for our skies, as there seemed to be an abundance of rocks and hard ice there. Had a short stop for something to drink and then carried on skiing until lunch. As everybody was hungry at that point, the restaurants ended up being rather full, but we found a place to eat none the less.
More skiing after lunch but Christoph noticed his lack of sleep from the day prior and Marnicq was starting to fell the toll of skiing the whole day, too. After a few more runs we set of back home and got home fairly fast.
A weekend full of doing stuff and next week of to Egypt with Johanna and Jon. 
More pictures at Picasa.

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