Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Marsa Alam: Day 4 Abu Saille & Marsa Murrain

Long sleep yesterday night, as I was pretty knackered. Jon woke up early again and had breakfast before Johanna and me, but at 8.30 o'clock we where all ready to go and dive. We had to take a minibus to get to our dive location today as their boat is not completely ready yet. Still some permission missing, but should be ready to go soon.
Arrived at our diving location, Abu Saille and there where already two or three buses full of divers getting ready to dive. Once we where up and ready we had to walk across some sand and rocks to get to our entry point. Dived in to a hole and had to proceed through a canyon to get to the outer reef. Lots of other divers around and it was quite some traffic going on down there. We carried on up north along the coral garden, lots of coral formations and small fish living everywhere. Saw a few puffer fish, but none that had inflated themselves. Not supposed to do that anyway, as it cant be done to many times. Found a hidden lion fish, probably sleeping as they tend to be night active. Hussein pointed out a pyjama snail, really small buggers that have a bright coloration. Back out through the canyon and across the sea floor to get to the car. De-geared and took the minibus back for some lunch and rest. Was felling rather knackered, so I had a lot to eat and drink to get the energy levels up.
Only Jon, Johanna and me today afternoon with Hussein as our guide for the Marsa Murrain reef. Got drive there by Mohammed and had the beach for us once we arrived there. Got geared up and after walking along the beach for a short while we walked across sand into deeper parts, where we could dive. Dived across a sandy bottom which dropped of after a few minutes under water. Really nice seeing that for once, actually. We normally get into coral reefs and get out at coral reefs (or stones) and this was really nice to dive along. We found three lion fish once we got to the corals and dived along those for a while. Turned back around after half an hour and on the way back we dived through another cave. Before that we saw a box fish (small one) and after the cave we had a salad coral full of Christmas tree worms. Once they fell some water pressure they disappear inside the coral in a split second. We lost Hussein after messing around a bit, as we where only about 4 metres underwater and had lots of air left. Raced back to him and got out to get back to the base in the mini bus again. Got back and hung our stuff up to dry and wrote our log books before going back to write all this down and to take the videos of the GoPro.
Dinner after that, once again very good, before we had one or to drinks and then went to bed early for tomorrow.
Map of the area here. We are in the area around Marsa Ghaleb.

Diving time: 57 min. / 63 min.
Diving depth: 23,8m / 21m

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