Saturday, November 15, 2014

Marsa Alam: Day 7 Shaab Abu Dabab (Nummber 4)

After a maximum of four hours of sleep we got up and had some breakfast. Was well needed that and after that out to dive. I only have one dive planned for today and the other two also only did one dive. A Zodiac trip to Shaab Abu Dabab number four this time.
We where a rather large group this time and our guide was Hussein again. Some dolphins where spotted in the bay, so they do tend to be a rather common sight here. Got our things prepared and then went over to the jetty to fully assemble and border the Zodiac. Sharky, the donkey of the diving base which has been standing around the past few days, pulled over our heavy gear.
Whilst getting ready a few of us saw the tail fluke of the local manatee come up, so we can ad that to the seen list, even if it wasn't underwater. Driving out in the Zodiac we had no dolphins but at least three turtles catching air in the flat sea (near to no wind). One of our motors failed, but luckily we had a boat which was being driven by two. Arrived at our dive location and once again there was a safari boat there already. Nearly all the rest of the sea is empty and they just by chance go diving were we want to. Dropped of in to the nice cool sea and dived down to the corals on the sea floor. Once again a really nice dive site down there, lots of up, downs and diving around pinnacles of corals. Saw a Moreen eel, a few puffer fish, some blue spotted stingrays and a lot of butterfly fish.
Unfortunately we had two divers with us which didn't seem to care about the corals. Their most important target was to get a good picture, no mater if they destroy decades or centuries of coral work. Johanna and Jon told them underwater through sign language and pointing to stay clear of the reef and leave the corals alone, but they just ignored them and continued. On the boat we got the felling that they really didn't care about what they where doing. Saddening to hear something like that. Every time I accidentally even touch the corals lightly I hate myself for what I have done.
Back on land after that, took a while getting back with one motor. On land we had some lunch and then cleaned our gear before having a relaxing afternoon. That was our last dive of the holiday, as we have to be dive free at least twenty four hours before we take and air plane. Jon packed a bit already, but I left that for the next day. Had some dinner and then sat down with Michael, Uwe and a couple outside, so we could get eaten by the mosquitoes. Johanna and me went to bed rather early, as we had had little rest from the evening before.

Diving time: 62 min.
Diving depth: 17,3m

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