Sunday, November 9, 2014

Marsa Alam: Day 1 Journey

Back of to Egypt for a week again, once again with Jon and Johanna. Marsa Alam this time, as the diving base that used to be in Sharm el Sheik moved to here, probably because of declining tourism. Mohammed has got the management of the base now, as Tanja has moved to Switzerland.
Woke up at 3 o'clock in the morning and packed the few rests of my gear into my already stuffed suit case. Johanna and Jon picked me up at about 4 o'clock (after I fed the cats) and we set of towards Stuttgart airport after somehow getting my case and me in to Johannas small VW Fox.
Spent a while on the A7 motorway and had to find a way around a bypass on the road. Got lost in the fog a bit, but found our way thanks to the navi.
Arrived at our parking space and caught a shuttle to the airport, where we managed to get through check in and security after repacking some stuff of mine in to Johannas and Jons suitcases. I had overfilled mine a bit with to much diving gear and electronics.
Got on to the air plane without a hitch and spent four and a half hours flying to Marsa Alam. Had a small snack to eat on the way and 100ml of water but nothing else.
Landed and where hit by 27°C air temperature when we stepped out of the doors. Managed to get to the hotel with our suit cases fixed to the roof of our bus and where greeted by a friendly reception. The hotel (The Three Corners Equinox) had just been opened a week ago and was still being repaired from its previous neglected state. Had a drink, some cool towels whilst filling out our details for the hotels. Found our rooms, got a few things unpacked and went to the diving base to say hi to Mohammed, Sala and the rest of the crew. After that Johanna and I abandoned Jon to office work, whilst we went to swim in the sea. Mohammed commented it as being cold, at 26°C water temperature. Saw four fire fish, a puffer fish and a flute fish just whilst snorkelling. Got out, went for a shower and had some drinks before eating. Ate a super meal in the evening, thank god they renovated the hotel and had some more drinks with a shopping spree and a game of checkers after that. Back to the room for the blog write.
Looking forward to the next few days.

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