Thursday, July 31, 2014

Stubentalalm & Fichtelhütte

Out biking in super conditions today, a Thursday none the less. I guess we have had about five to six “nice” Thursdays this year. We all met up at the gym again, at the beginning wondering where we should go as Inge wasn't there. Luckily she turned up just as the bell struck quarter to seven, with a plan of what to do.
Set of towards Bayerstetten, just as last week, but in Reichenbach we turned up towards the Haslacher Alm. Had a way to go uphill, with Hopsing and Paulina always coming back down again to check if we where there. Passed the Haslacher Alm and continued on to the Stubentalalm on forest roads. Just like on Tuesday. After the Alm we took a different route, further downhill and then left along the back side of the Alpspitze. After biking uphill for a long time we where greeted with the Breitenberg being coloured red by the setting sun. Had to get a picture of that and then tried to catch up again. I did not manage that, they where travelling at exactly the same speed I was. Every time I rounded a corner they where already at the next. After chasing them across half the mountain some took pity on me and waited a short while.
Reaching the Dinserhütte we proceeded up to the Fichtelhütte. At some point I went from biking into photography-modus, as my camera was out every five minutes. The scenery was spectacular, the sun setting and casting everything in red with the clouds at just the right hight that they passed us.
At the top we had a small celebration drink, as Hopsing has just finished his Trans-Alp biking, which took seven day. Probably something I could not manage at the moment in that time. He told us a bit what had happened and it sounded like it was fun.
Downhill after the small party, with the night approaching. We reached the Bistro at the right time and had a drink. We where joined by Michael shortly after that, who had just biked up the mountain with his self built tandem bike. Fitted with lots of technical gadget (disc breaks, electric motor, etc.) he is very proud of it (it's a superb piece of engineering) and even let some of us have a try on it.
Left after a while, destination home with a warm shower.
Track at GPSies, pictures at Picasa and a video from near the top here. Dad's blog of Group 2 here.

Time in saddle: 2 hours 15 min.
Average speed: 10.1 km/h
Distance: 22.8 km

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