Monday, August 4, 2014

Dietringen and Beichelstein

Currently got holiday and as I had some business to attend to in Dietringen on the Forgensse I decided to bike there. After creating a short track with Google Earth I was on my way there. First of past the Kögelweiher and then down into the flat lands. Through some forest and valley and then uphill a bit. A moderately flat tour, compared to some other recent ones. Past the Faulensee and shorty after that I arrived in Dietringen.
Met up with the boss of the local sailing school and discussed when I could take part.
Back along the same way most of the time, as I don't know my way to well around there. I did take a longer route up the Beichelstein, nearly missing the path that had not been built for bikers if not for the help of a friendly hiker going up to the Alpe. Passed the Alpe and then back down along stony tracks, past some walkers recapturing a runaway cow. Back uphill and with a bit of a different route past the Kögelweiher towards Nesselwang. I wanted to get the 50km mark, so I did another detour through Rindegg and then on to Jons to get my bike cleaned and ready for the tour to Venice. Also had an ice cream as a reward with mum and Jon.
Track can be found at GPSies.

Time in saddle: 3 hours
Average speed: 16.8 km/h
Distance: 50.6 km

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