Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Kappler Alm, Gundhütte and Fichtelhütte

Tuesday biking today again, but this time not with Nico. He is currently in Egypt, enjoying the sunshine. He probably took all of it with him as we have had rain since Sunday evening. Is not to cold, thought.
Heidi picked up me and Dad and we set of towards Jons to met up with the rest that had abandoned race biking for mountain biking today. The weather was a bit willy today, so we took our usual tour from Nesselwang up to Maria Trost. We had to get our long clothes of before biking uphill, so we stopped at the bridge near the bottom to store our long things away. After some biking uphill we reached Maria Trost and the weather had not worsened (still overcast) so we carried on up Heartbrake Hill. We got above the lowest cloud layer at one point and had some nice pictures of the countryside. Reached the crossing to the Kappler Alm after just about an hour of biking and continued on to the Kappler Alm where we got our long and waterproof clothes back on.
Just as we left it started poring down and I thought it was hilarious because we had just reached the point of “no turning round”. Jon said his goodbye to us further along and biked down to Kappel and then back home, whilst Heidi, Dad and I continued on towards the Gundhütte. I wanted to go back home via Pfronten, but Heidi and Dad thought that that would be to many kilometres and instead chose the “short cut” strait across the Edelsberg. Biked up that, spotting some deer and otherwise not seeing a lot, as we where in the midst of the clouds.
Reached the top after another few hundred metres of altitude and biked down all the way to Nesselwang via the Bayernkurve.
On that day we had only met one other biker and where all by ourselves the rest of the time. Went back to Heidis to wash our bikes and then back home for a shower.
Track at GPSies, pictures at Picasa and Dads blog here.

Time in saddle: 2 hours 45 min.
Average speed: 8.0 km/h
Distance: 22 km

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