Friday, July 18, 2014

Kappler Alm & Alpe Sorg

As I had nothing planned after work today and I often finish early on Fridays it was back on to the bike, even after biking on Thursday. Heidi had offered to go biking as she has Friday afternoons of, too.
Met up at beautiful sunshine and sweltering temperatures in the afternoon and the first thing we did was bike up the Alpspitze. To get there we had to pass a flock of children and parents walking towards the very mountain we wanted to bike up. After lots of dodging and ringing (kids don't react to that) we managed it past them and got up the Alpspitze at a rather fast pace. We had our fair share of sweltering moments on some near to white gravel, but whilst chatting to Heidi we where up in a jiffy. After that downhill towards the Kappler Alm and further towards the Gundhütte. Tried to get there on Wednesday but didn't want to take the risk going down along a trail on my own (and I didn't know the way). After the Gundhütte there where two trail to chose from, one would allow us a nice run downhill and the other would mean some walking. Both of them start in the same direction and end up at the same point, but none of us two had an idea which was which. Guess which one was taken.
After some getting of and on, and some nice trails through the forest we arrived at the bottom and headed for the Bärenmossalpe. We couldn't carry on for long though, as the lumberjacks where in that part of the forest somewhere so we turned round and headed for the Sorgalm, where I had forgotten my bottle last night. On the way we biked up some pretty step roads, me and another biker pushed up while Heidi biked it all. After retrieving my bottle and having a drink and piece of cake we biked back via the main road and said goodbye at my home. I met Heidi again later, weirdly, as I still had some shopping to do and she was there just by chance to.
Track at GPSies and some pictures at Picasa.

Time in saddle: 3 hours
Average speed: 12.0 km/h
Distance: 36.6 km

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