Sunday, July 20, 2014

Dietringen Lifeguard

Spent the whole weekend at one of the largest lakes in the area. Was on duty for water rescue at Dietringen by the Forgensee.
Out shift started at 10.00 o'clock on Saturday and finished at 5 PM on Sunday (with the night in between also having no duty), meaning we could spend the night at the lake. Got our boat there with Dads help and got comfortable in the hut provided at the shore. Nothing noteworthy happened, we went out in our boat a few times, dodging the sailing boats which had massed on the lake.
After our shift had ended on the first day we set up our grill and had a late night, meeting some sailers along the shore which had used some driftwood to make a camp fire.
Next day we where back to work at 10 AM, a lot of people there already. The beach was abruptly empty when a thunderstorm decided to say hello on its way along the Alps in the afternoon. After we had seen all the boat get back to port after that “greeting” we packed our things as it was rather obvious that no one would come swimming again today.
A long and fun weekend with a lot of boat driving.
Some pictures at Picasa and Dad wrote a blog here.

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