Thursday, July 17, 2014

Schnitzlertalalm & Alpe Sorg

First thing with my bike today was getting to work, and then back. After a short tour up the Alpspitze yesterday (and getting lost on it somehow) I had some problems with my front disc breaks, so I biked past Jon and got them fixed up again.
Group 1 met at the gym a bit earlier today, as we had a longer tour planned and the days are getting shorter again. Set of at 18.33 o'clock, with a total of nine people on the move today. At first we did a rather new detour towards Gschwend round the back, behind my families home. After the we saved going down into Wertachtal by cheating (we used the main road bridge) and the round the Grüntensee at top speed. Managed it to Wertach no problem and continued on until we arrived at the bottom of the Wertacher Hörnle. Our aim was to get to the top, down the other side and to an Alm on the other side. Biked up and up, in the bottom half there where some rather step climbs with gravel, but we managed to stay on our bikes. Stopped for a drink in the middle of a field at one point, right in the sunshine. I was sweating the water out faster than I could get it back in again. After a long way up, with Paulina an Hopsing always shooting up ahead and coming back down again we reached the Schnitzlertalalm and after that it was only a short ways to the top. We had something to eat and got our long clothes on before setting of back downhill along some interesting trails. Spotted a deer at one point and slowed down a bit, as we where not sure if it would jump out in front of us. We never saw it again and apparently there was a hunter in a deer stand we passed, so we probably helped the deer live and the hunter be a BIT peeved at us.
We carried on to the Alpe Sorg I and had two or three spirits and some beer to drink before we biked back to Nesselwang in the black of the night with lights on. Tight formation for optimal wind usage and we got back no problem before Moni and me headed back home whilst the rest carried on to the Bisto. Super tour once again thought of by Inge.
Track at GPSies and pictures at Picasa.

Time in saddle: 2 hours 40 min.
Average speed: 14.4 km/h
Distance: 39.1 km

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