Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Light Show Reuterwanne

Back on the bike, as it is Tuesday once again. The weather seemed to be rather mild with us today. There was a torrential downpour in the afternoon, but by the evening the sky had cleared up a bit.
Set of with Nico towards Obere Reuterwanne, as I have not been up there yet this year. Also a rather short tour, as my apprenticeship is nearing its end and the exams are looming closer.
To Gschwend via the back way and I finally managed to get up the short steep hill near the beginning. A first on my side. Through Gschwend, Reichenbach and then up past the Haslacher Alm. After the Alm up through the forest, where we were chased by a cuckoo (it was timed, it “cuckooed” every two seconds). The sky was getting a bit overcast and there where a few drops of rain here and there, but not something marginal. Passed two biker coming down, the first we had seen up till now.
Reached the Obere Reuterwanne and had a super view towards the Grünten, the “Gurdian of Allgäu”. Rain was moving in from the north, creating an brilliant picture with the sun shinning through the clouds. Carried on to our panorama point, but went right up the mountain, to the end of the ski lift. Low and beholds, what did we find? One of Amisols (AllgäuDSL) mast. That road was probably built there for a reason, but you would need something akin to a chain driven vehicle to get up there. Did a few pictures at the top and then went back down past the Unter Reuterwanne Alm. The rain had caught up with us at that point, and we where a showered on the way down in cold rain. Me twice as Nico has no mud guards and was in front of me. Reached the bottom (saw a rainbow) and went to Wertach, where the roads weren't even wet. Around the Grüntensee, taking the wood chip path (sucks out your stamina) and back home to Nesselwang via the bridge that spans the Wertach.
Tack at GPSies and pictures at Picasa.

Time in saddle: 2 hours
Distance: 28,7 km
Average speed: 13,4 km/h

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