Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sunday Gappenfeldalm and Gundhütte

First Sunday tour of this year managed today, am a bit nackered whilst writing this. Biked with Daniel and Nico for the first time on a Sunday tour and Nico and me had no idea how Daniel would bike stamina wise.
Daniel arrived punctually and I got a good look at his new fully 29er bike. Very cool piece of machinery, with a nifty saddle lowering mechanism. Nico arrived a bit after time, so we set of ten minutes later than planed, but on the length of the tour we where doing, nobody cares about ten minutes. First aim way Pfronten Kappel, the first few minutes biking already nearly resulted in a collision between Nico and Dani, when we had to turn left at one point. No idea if it was a bit of intentional gimmick.
Reached Kappel after a while and once again nearly got lost in there. That small community is built up completely wrong, every house has at least three roads. Round the back to the main Pfronten section, where we got stuck behind a very relaxed biker. Was rather slow and didn't break into a sweat as three twenty year old raced up behind him. Got past him at one point and biked through Pfronten main to get to the Achtal. Biked wrong at one point and had a few more meters in altitude.
Up Achtal after that, with a sizeable amount of traffic going along the valley to Austria. Passed the Austrian border and biked on towards Grän, where we had a small break to eat something (and to switch bikes) before we continued up along the supply road for the huts. Up and up it went, us getting rather warm as the sun kept poking out here and there. We where overtaken by a small plane a third up the mountain. He continued up the valley and came back around, just like you see in the old war films. Heading strait for us, Nico and me did the motor noises whilst Daniel simulated the machine gun firing. The pilot even waved his wings when he flew past.
Carried up along the valley, overtaking quite a few walkers, also on their way up. Through a few streams of melted snow and another short break just underneath the top. Saw a person come shooting up on a bike. First thought: “blimey, he's fit”. Passed us, next thought: “Typical e-bikes”. His stated reason was that he IS twenty years older than us after all ;D.
Continued up to the Gappenfeldalm, by passing through a mountain pass. Biked a bit down, which included going through a water filled snow hole. Daniel managed a perfect stop in front of the hut. Not getting out of his clicky and falling over sideways in front of 6 people. Had a lunch break before continuing back uphill and then along snow filled mountain fields along the side of the mountains. Had to carry the bike a few times but we reached the Gundhütte in the end. Had a drink, some ice and refilled our water bottles before continuing on. Managed a short way, before we got to a turn where the lumberjacks had deposited some trees on the road. Daniel took a short cut through the field, and me not thinking that he has a better suited bike for this kind of thing went strait after him. The end result being: me going to fast down the mountain, putting my full force on the breaks to get slower and eventually rolling over the top of the handle bars to somehow land on my back with the rucksack on. My back ached for quite a bit (and still is) but the more annoying problem was that I had managed to get a flat tyre because of my stunt. Fixed the tyre in record time, thanks to Nicos compressed CO² bottle. Rather a lot of walkers stopped by and had a look at what we where doing. After we fixed the tyre it was back downhill, past all the people that had stooped at my crash site (there was one man which played traffic controller when we passed him).
Arrived in Tannheim after going down a trail. Danield biked near to everything I think, as I pushed down a bit, still rather shaky from before. Through Tannheim and along the Tannheimer Tal, whith opposing wind blowing the whole time. We reached Wertach after a while and continued along the right side of the Grüntensee, before Nico turned left to got back through Dohle to Maria Rein and Daniel and me went back to my place to have a shower. Set up the grill after that and had a relaxed evening (with thunderstorm) on the terrace with Nico, Franzy, Daniel, Inge and Johanna.
Track at GPSies , pictures at Picasa and a video from Nico (including the crash) can be found here.

Time in saddle: 5 hours
Distance: 73 km
Average speed: 14,6 km/h

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