Monday, June 9, 2014


Breitenberg was the plan for today. Had met up with Nico and Marty yesterday for a swim in a local lake and we decided that today we would bike up there.
Marty drove to my house and after that we set of towards the Breitenberg. Nico and me still noticed our sore legs from two days prior. We may be good at biking downhill, but walking down a steep mountain in the early mornings is not what we are used to. Going towards Pfronten we had a bit of a head wind, but managed to Pfronten Kappel and onwards no problem (I still got lost there). After that up through Achtal to the back of the Breitenberg, where the firs surprise was waiting. The complete way up we wanted to bike up had been closed due to timber felling. After a short brake we saw a car with very lumberjacky looking people come down and as it was a bank holiday we concluded that there would be no danger. Started biking uphill with Nico rocketing of nearly instantly, me coming second and Marty bringing up the rear. After going uphill for a while we heard some weird hollow sound. Turned out it was a woodpecker pecking an old tree. Carried on even higher until we had to give Marty some moral support for the last stretch of road. Reaching the top we where once again greeted by breathtaking Alpine scenery. Had a bite to eat and something to drink before we put our long clothes on to go downhill. Was a rather interesting tour downhill, basically it amounted to a few things. Bad track conditions on some way, near accident on my (and I think Martys) side, a puncture for me (number three this year) and some drifting for Marty and Nico. Reaching the bottom we powered back to Nesselwang before the presumed thunderstorm hit. We have had hot conditions the whole day, but in the evening the usual thunderclouds where rolling in.
Track at GPSies and pictures at Picasa.

Time in saddle: 3 hours 20 min.
Distance: 43 km
Average speed: 12,8 km/h

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