Sunday, June 8, 2014

Timelapse Buron

Interesting night this weekend. Nico and me have been planning a photo session at night for a long time now, to make a few timelapse videos. I had extra ordered a batch of new batteries and a new 32 gig SD card. Batteries where a bit late in the postal system, so I did not get them on time. Guess what ran out first.
Nevertheless, after spending the day driving up and down mountains with Dad on AllgäuDSL business, Nico and I set of towards our destination. Parked the car and still had a trek uphill, I managed to get us a bit lost on the way up. Reaching the top, we where there early as planned and got everything set up. Started timelapsing and after a few hours had our dinner on a camp stove. Let the cameras run overnight whilst camping up there. I slept through one of my alarms and missed readjusting the camera for one and a half hours. Battery was nearly flat, but it was enough for a few more seconds of video footage. Nico managed to get some really super images of the Milky Way sometime in the night. By the time morning had come we had a load of pictures, in total something ridiculous like 4600 pictures. After packing together our gear we set of downhill at very steep angle as we went strait down a ski piste. By the time we reached the bottom our knees where aching. As we both had forgotten anything for breakfast we went to the bakery and had to wait for ten minutes for it to open. After breakfast back home for a few hours of rest.
YouTube video of the timelapse can be found here.

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