Saturday, June 14, 2014

Paintball Weekend

Spent the weekend in the Czech Republic, playing Gotcha with Nico, Johanna, Daniel, Robert and Markus. Was my birthday party you could say. Drove there on Friday, four hours of driving. Had a stop for some dinner on the way and arrived at about 22.00 o'clock. We had two bungalows completely for us where we spent the night. The whole next day was dedicated trying to tag our opponents with colour.
Started in the morning at 8 o'clock with just 3 vs. 3, both from our group and it developed to a huge match at 2 PM with nary to 200 players which was postponed for a while, as we had a small forest fire on the playing field. Got a few bruises and I was tagged in under ten seconds in two games. I think the others got a few bashes and bruises too, but nothing remotly serious. Had a multitude of matches over the day, on a variety of playing fields. It is the biggest Gotcha field in Europe after all. Ended the day with a full plate from a BBQ and a shower before we spent the night at the local bar and stayed up rather late.
Next day it was pack your bags and back home again. Fun weekend and we did use up a rather large amount of paint. 
Webpage of the Gotcha field is here

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