Thursday, June 5, 2014

Falkenstein Detour

Out biking with the Thursday group, after a few weeks of not being able of going with them. Met up at the Alpspitzhalle as usual, with only Karin sitting there. I started wondering if we where really going to be so few, but until we left we managed to get the count up to seven people for Group 1. Group 2 set of on their way and at some point passed the Sorgalm, so we concluded that they would be a bit late.
We had our aims set for the Falkenstein, a normally early season tour as the Falkenstein is not a mountain, per say. More of a very rocky big hill (yes, yes, that might classify as a mountain). But as Inge was our tour guide, we weren't expecting an “easy” run. First aim, Kappel. I took a wrong turn in Wank already, thinking we would take the usual route. Went along the main road, saves us from having to cross it further on. Through Kappel and then up the mountain behind the Heuschuppen. Very steep, I think everybody started sweating. The last bit had to be pushed and after that it was along the side of the mountain to Pfronten. Biked through the village, also taking a few detours here and there. Arrived at the bottom of the Falkenstein and started biking up whilst we where passed by a bunch of Porsches going up to the hotel at the top. Arrived at the top for a group photo and then it was back down again, a slight variation of the way up, consisting of more trail and less tarmac. The holes in the trail seem to be getting deeper and more dangerous every year. Through now sunlit fields with nosy young cows in them, stepping over gates all along the way. Hopsing speed of after a while, but we weren't to worried, he always finds back sometime. Through Pfronten Rebichel and up a hill that bought us back to exactly where we had started going up. Back over to Pfronten Kappel and up past the Heuschuppen and down a trail I have not been down yet. Heidi shocked me a bit, as she was in front of me and had to nearly get of, but her, Hopsing and me got down without incident. Everybody did in the end, but Karmen fell over shortly after the trail and sprained her ankle. Nothing lethal, so we went back to the Bistro for a drink and then home for a shower.
Track at GPSies and pictures at Picasa.

Time in saddle: 2 hours 30 min.
Distance: 33 km
Average speed: 13.0 km/h

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