Friday, April 22, 2011

Thursday Of-Trail Ride

We were quite few yesterday. Only six people on a Thursday tour, happens rarely. It was also pretty warm which normally means there are a lot of people there.
We started of towards the Moorgang via the Wertachtal and took the "Indianerpfad along the Wertach up to dontknowhowitiscalled. Had a bad accident on the Indianerpfad. I fell headlong in a ditch right in front of me which I had been trying to avoid by jumping over it, but, well, didn't work. Flew head first over the handlebars and landed on my stomach. Luckily Inge was there fast and nearly strait away gave me some of her medicine. Jon did a check over if I had broken any ribs but it was not that bad.
After that we carried on to the Moorweg and when we arrived there I don't have a clue how we cycled any more. If you can see the track at GPSies it looks like we were drunk. Somehow, after an hour, we arrived in Oy and then took the road over the Römerbrücke back home to Nesselwang.
All in all a really good "of-trail" track.
Pictures from Jon and me at Picasa.

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