Thursday, April 7, 2011

First Thursday ride to the Falkenstein

First Thursday bike tour today. As we started new into the year we thought it wouldn't be to difficult, but as I heard what we were planing to do it didn't sound to good.

So, this is how I understood it. We go to Falkenstein and cycle up. Doesn't sound a lot? Right to the top is. It turned out we were only going up 1/3 of the way and that wasn't to bad and we did so when we arrived.

Back down was interesting as there was still a lot of leafs from autumn and it is slippery on wet leaves. They were dry so not that bad. Then there were some trenches in the ground for the water to run down the mountain and every time I went over one I thought my bike was going to fall apart.

On the way back home we went through Rebichel and up a hill which I don't know the name of, but the track is at GPSies. At the top we got a good look at sunset and I made a picture which you can see at Picasa.

A good start of tour for the new season.

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