Thursday, May 26, 2011

Before The Storm

Don't take the title for granted. I'll come to that later. It started of with Jon writing an e-mail to everybody, predicting that it would rain and hail, and if until 17.45 it started raining we would be in the gym. At 17.45 bright sunshine so Dad, the ambitious biker he is, started getting prepared. At 18.15 dark clouds started turning up and there was the rumble of thunder, so I said I would stay at home and learn as I have got my exams next week. So he set out on his own to Heidi's, to pick her up and then after that the rest that wanted to go cycling. Quarter of an hour later, Jon sent round a mail to say sport would be in the gym (due to the thunder), so all well organized.

At half past eight I was feed up with learning as I also had been doing nothing else the last four hours. I looked outside, it wasn't raining and was actually quiet warm, so after a short preparation time I set of towards the Alpspitz (in case it would start I could be home fast). There where still some dark clouds mingling about and no blue sky, but the weather was about just perfect for cycling. Not to warm and not to cold. So up the Alpspitz, past Maria Trost and further up to the Kappler Alm. On the way I met three other bikers coming down, but apart from that I was alone.

At the Kappler Alm I switched over to downhill modus; long clothes out and glasses on. View was really good, but I could see a storm pulling in from Kempten and I wanted to get back to Nesselwang fast. Down to Kappel, where I got lost: it used to be bad enough, but now they have set up a building site on the side of the village where we mostly cycle through and its blocked of with all sorts of fences.

Once I was out of Kappel it was of to Hertingen, but that's where my luck ran out. It started storming. And I was caught right in it, which means the title isn't completely correct. Most of it was before the storm but 5km away from Nesselwang it pi**ed down. Rain clothes on, but was drenched after 2km and lightning flashes here and there. Scary when you are in the middle of a field on a steel bike.

Arrived in Nesselwang and had a break at the pup. But there was nobody there. Jon and the group where still sporting, Dad was at home having a shower (he told me later) after cycling on his own as nobody wanted to go with him. But a few people from the badminton-group where there and I had a drink with them before continuing home after Dad had arrived and was waiting for the rest.

A good cycle route and the last 5km where really adventurous.

Track at GPSies and a few picis at Picasa.

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