Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Racing Bike round Grüntensee

Today was our first Tuesday bike route of the year. And my first on a racing bike. Took some time getting used to. And going down the main road in the evening was the “perfect” training moment. Before we set of my saddle had to be adjusted a bit which made Jon happy.

So we set of and straight up the main road. I did feel a difference; in both ways.

First the good: You just keep going on and on, as if you had no bike underneath you, really light.

The not so good: My legs couldn't stretch out properly which means my big advantage over most others was lost.

Carrier on, thought. Cycled towards Wertach, as you can see at GPSies. Then through Wertach and past the other side of the Grüntensee towards Feistenoy. Uphill Jon like to show how much training he had done and how low he could get his gears. We'll see at the end of the year ;)

After Feistenoy of to Oy and the to Maria Rein. Over the bridge and back home in an hour. Sounds short, but that is probably what you have a racing bike for.

All in all a good bike round with a good view over the evening mountains. Pictures from Dad at Picasa.