Friday, April 1, 2011

First bike of the year around "7 lakes"

First time cycling this year. Last time was in the Dolomites. God, that was long ago.

So, started of with Dad (who's whole idea this was) and went through Wertachtal. And instead of turning left along the “normal” route across the river we went strait on up a hill. I confess, we had to walk a short bit, but not a lot. Arrived up in a field and cycled on past a lot of lakes (forget al their names) with nature all around us. Brilliant on a sunny Friday afternoon. Arrived at the Atlesee (first lake I know the name of) and went further to the Kögelweiher were there where a lot of frogs. Carried on and took the “dirt trail” down behind Rindegg. Arrived at Jon's shortly afterwards to get Dads bike fixed up a bit.

Carried on home for a warm, solar powered shower. Track at GPSies and Dads pictures at Picasa.

And no, this is no April fool ;)

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