Sunday, April 3, 2011

Elleg and back down Mühlweg

Next bike ride today. Again with Dad. Bright sunny day and he wanted to go biking strait in the morning. So we set out and had to leave a Chris and Philipp behind which wanted to come round for a drink. Got one by the neighbours instead.

So we set of towards Haslach and after that cycled up the Elleg. A The track is at GPSies. Nearly at the top we decided to try something new and went left before we would have reached the top. Arrived at a hut called “Gschwend's Berg”, I think. After that we went along a field track and arrived nearly at the top but had to squeeze under a barb wire fence to get back to the normal trail. Next we went a lot downhill and then along a way called the Mühlweg which has a lot of ups and downs, so real mountain biking. Then through Oy-Mittelberg to Haslach and stopping at Chris's in Gschwend for a glass of Water. Cycled the road back home with a Rhiannon which we had met in Gschwend.

Pictures Dad took are at Picasa. And another good bike ride.

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