Friday, November 18, 2016

Tasmania Day 6: Strahan - Devonport

Friday, the last day in Tasy, before we border the Spirit of Tasmania again. Also the day we nearly died (maybe). Details later.
We woke up, as humans do, departed from the cabin we stayed in and went for some supplies and fuel. Then the journey stated along the winding roads towards Zeehan and Devonport. About half an hour drive later we got a message from the Strahan accommodation we had stayed at, saying we had forgotten something. Knowing what it was (the fe***ng iPad again) we turned around and picked it up before driving the same road again. Cruising along we passed mountains, rivers and lakes again. Due to not having a filling breakfast we stopped at a bridge over a river/lake and had something to bite. Shortly after, though, we passed a very inviting looking cafe, so whilst I waited for some scones and apple crumble mum went looking for a pink robin. She heard it but didn't find it, so came back and enjoyed some scones, too. We headed out not to long after heading for Shefield. Rounding a 180° curve (nearly) going up a mountain, I caught something happening in the corner of my eye, but stayed focused on the road. Shortly after mum gasped out that a tree had dropped over the road, where we had been just 20 seconds earlier. A person in a Ute behind us didn't seem to notice a thing, so we turned round ready to call the police if necessary. Coming around the corner again, a guy was just coming up the other way and I thought both of us might be able to lift it off the road. We managed, just about, to drag it off. If that thing had come down on top of us, who knows what could have happened. Lucky us. The road was cleared and everybody carried on without a scratch.

Passing Cradle mountain, we hummed and hared about taking a walk around some lakes up there, but we were running out of time. Had a short look around Shefield, but then headed on to Devonport, where we had some of the food we had left, before boarding the boat. Now sitting in the cabin writing the blog and later, who knows. A big thanks to mum for the brilliant holiday. Was really nice seeing mountains and lakes again, can't wait to see what New Zealand is like.

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  1. Had the most amazing and awesome time with you on Tasmania, Max. Thank you so much! :)