Monday, November 14, 2016

Tasmania Day 2: Devonport - St. Helens

Second day Tasmania, a lot better weather wise and we started travelling towards the East Coast of Tasmania. Got up a bit late and then had a heavy breakfast before going shopping for lunch and leaving Devonport. Saw the “Spirit of Tasmania I” in the port, we'd travelled on the second one.
So we left towards Launceston, driving the winding roads through the mountains filled by the heavy rainfalls from the day before. Passed a viewpoint and had a stop for some pictures, after which we headed on. Just on the Launceston town border I turned a sharp left to go towards the Tasmanian Zoo, to view a Tasmanian Devil. We never ended up getting there. Along the way I thought it was getting rather far away from our original track and when mum spotted an echidna on the side of the road I did a stop and turned around. Mum had never seen one, so I made sure she would. It didn't want to stick it's snout in the air like my first one I saw, but there is nothing you can do about that. Spiky little things they are. So instead of the zoo, mum got an echidna.
Back on to the way to St. Helens, as I wanted to reach the Bay of Fire today. Through Launceston we stopped at another viewpoint, from which you could see all the way to the ocean and Flinders Island behind that and had lunch, consisting of some sandwiches. Then onwards, mum spotted two more echidnas, I didn't. There was rather a lot of road kill around, but considering this area is wallaby infested... 
We reached St. Helens after a bit more driving and went to the tourist information to find an accommodation. Considering it is so close to the Bay of Fire, a must look at for backpackers, I thought that at least there would be a hostel here. Nope, no hostel, but we ended up staying in a really nice place called the Anchor wheel, run by a friendly couple. Dropped of some of our belongings and travelled on to the Bay of Fire. I made a wrong turn off and ended up on the wrong side of the Bay, but we backtracked and ended up on a white sandy beach. Couple of jellyfish washed up, but not the bad type (I think). Whilst mum had a short feet washing (just come from warm Cairns) I tried filming four surfers out in the water. After that a bit of rock climbing to get to a good spot to watch the sea smash against the red rocks.

Then we headed back for some fish and chips before retiring for the night.  

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