Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Tasmania Day 3: St. Helens - Hobart

The next morning we woke up to sunshine and a breakfast ready in the room. Munched down the breakfast and set of along the east coast of Tasmania, with the end goal of reaching Hobart that day. The first stretch saw us driving along a road that was a stark reminder of Scotland. No forests, rough seas to our left, rocks and sheep where ever one looked.
We passed a cafe called the pondering frog, in which mum had a scone and I tried some of their home made ice cream. The guy seemed a little stressed, but we all got everything in the end. Mum even got some advice on what to do. So after the short snack we headed to Coles Bay. Bit out of the way but we had some time to spare. Had a beach walk in Coles Bay and some lunch, after ditching a place called “Friendly Beach” as you needed to pay to access it.
We continued on along the coast, through mountainous terrain towards Hobart. Passed a lot of flooded rivers, with the bridges just staying above the waterline. Tasmania has copped a lot of water lately. Has to make up for it's reputation somehow of being the England (or New Zealand) of Australia.

We reached Hobart in the early evening and headed to the tourist information. Witnessed a mayor crash with three messed up cars on the other lane on the way, but had little problem getting in to the city. At the tourist information we saw the sign that the information was closed due to relocating, but a girl stuck her head out of the door and helped us get the accommodation information we wanted. So we headed of to some boutique hostel. The first one was fully booked, but we had luck in the second one. After a shower we headed to the highly recommended “Drunken Admiral” seafood restaurant and had a good evening meal.  

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