Sunday, November 13, 2016

Tasmania Day 1: Devonport

Back travelling for a week, this time accompanied by mum. And our aim this time is Tasmania. As both of us have not been there yet, we thought it would be a good place to visit. Also a lot of Australians have proclaimed that it is a nice place for a holiday.
So I did manage to get one week of work. Up until now the work has been long days and demanding, but fun at the same time, as I am working with some awesome guys. Longest shift was 17 hours, but the hay wants to be cut.
Any ways, I put my car in for service at a local mechanic, and three days prior to picking up mum, I got the call that the car was going no where as the wheel bearing wouldn't work correctly anymore (why I hadn't lost both back tires is still a mystery to the mechanic). So I tried using some of the contacts to get a car to go to Tasy, but it all accumulated in to getting a rental car in Melbourne and going on board the Spirit of Tasmania in it. A huge mess actually (also the fact that I had a hangover didn't help) but we got the car and got on to the boat. Explored the boat, had a salad, a few drinks and a chat before heading to bed. Always could sleep rather well with the deep thrum of the ship engine.
The next morning we left the ferry in rain, perfect example of Tasmanian weather. Thanks for the greeting, Tasy. We got a couple of things sorted out, like the actual travel plan we wanted to do, and had some breakfast. After that we drove around the town of Devonport in the car, as I didn't really want to leave and explore Tasi in pouring rain. Ended up getting some shoping, getting some washing done, having a tea and watching a movie in a cinema. Mum found a good accommodation in a brochure and am now using the free wifi to surf the internet.

Will watch the Spirit of Tasmania leave later and get ready for travelling tomorrow.  

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