Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Tasmania Day 4: Hobart

Woke up refreshed in the morning, ready to explore Hobart. Had a bowl of porridge in a near by cafe, suggested by the Lonely Planet book and mum had some bacon and eggs. Back to the tourist information after that, which was open. As we found out shortly after, the Cadburrys chocolate factory was no longer open (to the public at least). So we had to scratch that of our to-do list. Instead we went to the Mona museum, an eccentric museum of art, that is by now the most viewed tourist attraction in Hobart. It was … weird. In future I'd probably prefer a museum of science, but to everyone their own taste.
After spending three hours in the museum we left it for a lunch in Subway. Following up that we wanted to up Mt. Wellington. It has a road leading up, so we took the lazy route. Prior to that, though, mum went shopping and I got a hair cut. Spur of the moment thing, but there was one next to Subway. 
The next stop was the mountain. Spectacular view from the top over Hobart and the surrounding Tasmanian countryside. Spent quite a while on top of there before heading back down and to the hostel. Three times we went in a circle to find a parking spot, but ended up a bit further away.
Later on we drove out to the Southern Arm, a land-island jutting out with a connection road. What we were searching for was the bio-luminescence that lights up the ocean with a blue colour. We headed to a beach as soon as we got there, but saw nothing (as I had expected). So back to the car and some sandwiches for dinner. I'd guessed that we were maybe a bit to early, so we waited until it was really dark. Walking down to the beach, no glow, but we carried on to the surf. Close up I yelled up to mum, as I had spotted a soft blue glow whenever the water receded from a wave. Only faintly you had to look closely to see it, but we did see it. In hopes of it getting stronger we spent a while longer on the beach. An hour later it still hadn't increased, so we packed up and called it a night. The moon was just appearing above the surrounding hills and treated us to a nearly full moon (this a couple of days after the supposed super-moon).

Back at the hostel we dropped in to bed and slept well.  

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