Thursday, October 29, 2015

Tickera - Port Augusta

Woke up the same time in the morning as Mike (older guy with the caravan). Whilst he went out in their kayak they had brought along searching for crabs I cast out the fishing line to see if I got lucky.
Whilst the line was out I made myself some breakfast, consisting of porridge with water. Packed up my gear next to that and by the time Mike came in I was ready to go. He had only seen two small crabs so left them. A local came along in his Ute with his dog on the back and only had a small fish and no crabs to show for the morning catch, so we didn't feel to bad about getting nothing.
Set of after saying good byes and headed along dirt trails to Port Broughton. A very hot day and as soon as you get out you are swarmed by persistent flies. Only way to loose them is to start driving and put your windows down until all of them are sucked out. Passed a lot of ruins of old farm houses that became obsolete when the farms started growing bigger.
Driving towards Port Pirie a mountain range came in to view with a large amount of windmills settled on top. Drove along that for a while and eventually reached Port Pirie and had to go shopping. The past couple of test runs camping, I found out that my bivi tent condensates so much that I wake up wet and damp in the morning and my sleeping bag is about 30cm to short. I thought they had a standard length for sleeping bags, but it seems that is not the case. So I went in to an outdoor shop and purchased a small two man tent and a sleeping bag that fit (actually got in to it in the shop to make sure). After getting rid of that money I bought a salad in Woolworths and had my lunch before carrying along the busy main road to Port Augusta. As I am sticking to 80km/h to save fuel (I'm not in a rush anyway) I get overtaken by everything. Cars, Utes and massive Road Trains. The last ones aren't fun when they overtake you, but I have survived until now. I wanted to turn of and sleep in a camping spot near Hancocks Lockout, but there was a fence going straight through the track, so I abandoned that thought. 
Further on to Port Augusta then and I found a free camp site just on the entrance to the town. There was another guy there already (Australia bloke) who has travelled around everywhere in his van. It's his home and he has done a lot to it and even has a dog with him. Shortly after a French guy showed up and needed some tools fixing his oil filter. And after him a German couple appeared (Silvio a. Lisa) on their way to Adelaide from Perth. Germans, Germans everywhere. They had a set up to be jealous of (solar panel, fridge, mattress beds, diesel, big roof rack,...). But after hearing they had to pay over 6000$ to get it on to the road and there is some issue with their fuel (50litres on 300km, something is wrong) I am still happy with my Forester. Has taken me everywhere I want to go till now and is good on fuel.

So pitched the new tent for the night and lets see how things go.
Track at GPSies.

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