Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Adelaide - Tickera

Bloody, fu**ing flies. Next town I am getting a head net or what they call them. Sitting here at the beach in the Tickera camp site and got dozens of the things flying around annoying me. Even in the wind the things keep coming back.
So anyway, left Adelaide today and bought 50 litres of water, ready for the Outback, should I need it. Also two extra fuel tanks filled to the brim with cheap fuel from Adelaide. And then the driving started. Navigated through Adelaide first and got out of the other end after an hour or so. The amount of cars decreased rather a lot out there, especially once I got of the main main road (there are a few minor main roads as well). The cars decreased, the trucks increased. It also went from more Mediterranean landscape to desert looking. There are still trees, bushes and crop farms, but there is barren land coming out, too. Drove through a town called Dublin (wrong continent, weather is to good). Somewhere near to there I got a view of my first road train. REALLY long trucks, this one was only a small one if I understood things right. Three trailers behind it, all of them fuel tanks. Probably need them to drive itself. 
After driving through Port Wakefield I stuck the GoPro on to the roof and am atempting a time lapse of the journey to Tickera. Will see how that turns out. After leaving the minor main road I drove the rest of the way to Tickera, and just before the camp site got on to gravel road. Drove in to the camp site, set up my tent, took a picture of a lizard crawling past, all the while being chased by dozens of flies. Set up the camping stool right in the wind to ward them of. There are less, but still a good ten harassing me.

After a short while another couple of older people appeared in their car and camping trailer. Went up to them after they had set up and had a fun evening talking and laughing about different things. They even gave me a fly net for around the head for free, so now as many of them can come as they want to. Looks ridiculous, thought. Tried a bit of fishing when the tide had come a bit further in, but again no luck. 
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