Monday, October 19, 2015

GPS Fields & Roof Racks

Getting ready to leave Reds for a while now, to explore what the centre of Australia has to offer. Plans are to meet mum up at Alice Springs beginning of November to have a look at the stuff Australia is renown for.
Before setting of I have to get my car “Outback”-worthy first, as going unprepared has the potential to kill in the desert centre of Australia. As I don't just want to stick to the Stuart Highway going through the middle and see a bit of the desert my car needed some doing up. The timing belt was replaced so that won't cut out on me in the middle of no were. Installed a light bar on the front should I ever have the disaster of driving in the night (which will hopefully never happen out there). And last of all I got a roof rack that was intended to be put on a Land Rover Defender 110 and had to cut it down to size for the Forester.
As my skills with a welder, angle grinder, etc. are not up to scratch one of Reds mates Bucky said he would help me do it all. Looking back he probably curses himself now, as the job looked fairly simple but there where a lot of complications along the way that made the job arduous. Bucky also was fairly busy as he was lamb marking and had to cut hay at his farm, something which has happened one month to early due to the weather. So that wasn't planned.
As Bucky was using his skills I used mine for him, meaning digitalising his farm layout so he has a map to work with. Basically involved driving around the paddocks with a quad bike and a GPS in the hand to map the points and then using “ExpertGPS” to read out the information to calculate the acres. I would have used Google Earth Pro, but for some reason it didn't want to work out the acres as it should do. Google Earth Pro was used in the end anyway to make the basic picture with the acres written in the individual paddock. Reason to use Google Earth Pro was that most have it, it's free ware and nearly ever body can use it.
Driving around I found out I was still allergic to horses, as Bucky has two of them for his daughter. Means I had to have a few breaks in between tracking along the paddocks and let my eyes de-itch.

We both finished our jobs in the end. I have a roof rack for the journey and Bucky has a map of his farm.


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    1. Thank you for that.
      If I had had the finances I most likely would have opted for a roofrack more "finished", but it has done it's job well so far.

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