Saturday, October 24, 2015

Coorong National Park - Adelaide

This night was really lovely compared to the others. Slept like a log with the sound of waves crashing just a few metres away from the car. Woke up in the morning because one of the cars was packing up and left early and then the other two and me started getting ready for leaving. The flies were and are a constant menace in Australia. They just don't give up, they have a whole new level of annoying. After packing and saying goodbye to the other guys I managed to get back to the camp site and put the pressure in my tires up again.
And then it was back to driving and driving and driving. From the Coorong National Park to Meningie along the ocean inlets filled with the smell of the sea. I noticed a stone had cracked my windscreen, so that'll be a repair I'll need doing before reaching the Outback. Had some breakfast at the bakers in Meningie and carried on along Lake Albert. Passed some pinkish salt lakes (or whatever they are) on the way to the city area of Adelaide and somehow got around to getting near to the city. Lots of driving involved and there is a fairly large mountain range to get over. I think going downhill the last 38km I could have just switched the motor off and rolled. They even had emergency brake strips for trucks and I saw one trudging up the other side. Coming in to the city I took Mum's Lonely Planet book aside for some reading on where to stay. After finding the first one fully booked I risked ringing up one which they said should normally be booked way in advance. The Glenelg Beach Hostel is right next to the sea, only a few minutes walk away and I got a dorm accommodation for cheap as compared to probably most other stuff here.
Then a wonderful shower, which was well needed after the last few days in a National Park. Sat down to write the first bit of the blog and met the rest of my room mates.
Currently in one room with two English guys (of which one has lived in Australia for eleven years), a German couple and a Canadian. Went out in the evening to have some dinner and then went to watch a fire with the German couple and the Canadian. Had a really good ice cream (haven't had one for months) and then went back to go to bed.
Some of the others got up at night to watch a Rugby match, but I slept right through.

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