Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Spent the last couple of days enjoying a mattress in Adelaide and meeting other backpackers. Germans where slowly taking over the dormitory were I was staying, an English guy left and a German one came.
All in all Adelaide has been my favourite city so far, it's not as large as Dubai, not as touristy as Sydney and the road system is way better than in Adelaide. The first day was spent with looking around the city and organising a kite boarding lesson. No luck with kite boarding as the wind was wrong and to strong, so to dangerous for first timers. I had a look around the Central Market, which is supposed to be the bigges indor market or something like that. Went and had a look at the kite boarding school, but it was closed (as expected) and then walked along the beach back to the hostel, which took a while. Back at the hostel I did a ton of updates which have been pending for quite some time, to all of my electronic devices. After that I went to a windscreen fixer in South Adelaide to get a crack in the windscreen fixed, before it gets bigger and more expensive. Cars are expensive to keep.
In the evening I then went out with the German couple and the Canadian to view a fire show.

Next day I got the windscreen fixed, as I had come a bit to late the day before. Also bought most of the stuff I had wanted to get in Adelaide, including an emergency GPS beacon if something should happen way of the track. Hope to not use it, as I'm sure no one wants to. In the meantime the kite boarding teacher had rung up and said that the wind surprisingly had got better and that if I want to still take part he will have a course in the afternoon. So after a small lunch I set out to the West Beach to meet up with him. Taking part in the course was another English guy who had just moved to Australia with his wife and child and the teacher turned out to be from Denmark and his wife from Holland. So all Europeans in the course. 

The course has to be taken in three lessons, so it is a rather costly thing. The first lesson you just learn control over the kite and that thing has a lot of power (seven meter kite). Just learning how to steer the thing took a good part of an hour. So standing on land we got the thing up eventually and kept it in an area of space called the “Neutral Zone” were it is up but has no power. After getting that moderately done we went in to the water without a board and just let the kite go in to the “Power Zone” and let it drag us through the water. Was a heap of fun, but I can understand that it takes ages to master. We hadn't even got a board on our feet yet and it was difficult concentrating on the kite and just walking. At the end of that day back to the hostel and some dinner for the last night.  

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