Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tuesday Up the Elleg

Tuesday tour, with Nico and Franzy today. Arrived the trademark five minutes late, but I had calculated with this, so they just arrived when I was ready.
Set of towards Gschwend round the back way, once again getting stuck on that fu**** steep and today, wet grassy slope. Franzy and me both did not manage it, Nico seemingly being the only person I know that progressively manages it to the top. Through Gschwend and downhill over the “Römerbrücke”. Had a small race with Franzy down there and overtook here about half way, more body mass. Nico being the true MTBiker didn't take the tarmac curve, but opted to take the short cut along a small trail. Reached Haslach after a while, where me and Nico took some of our long clothes of before proceeding uphill. Through Feistenoy, luckily at this time of year not yet full of cow muck. Missed my intended trail up the Elleg by a few metres, but got back on trail half way. Uphill across gravely places until we reached the top to enjoy the sunlit alpine mountains.
Wanted to continue along the rim of the Elleg, but one small problem. My back tyre had inconspicuously deflated itself without a sound. Pumped it back up again to see if it really had a hole. Had one, so we spent rather a long time at the top changing my tyre. Not bad scenery and we had the sun up still.
After that down into the forests, biking along three next to each other. Somehow avoided the puddles on the forest road and met another biker coming the other way. Put our long clothes on once we where in the open and then whizzed down the Elleg to the Grüntensee. Biked along the Grüntensee and then to the Wertachbrücke where we saw each other of. Took the lazy route home along the main road and had a shower before writing this blog. All without a sign of rain (it had hailed about an hour before the bike ride).
Track at GPSies and pictures at Picasa.

Time in saddle: 1 hour 30 minutes
Distance: 20,5 km
Average speed: 13,6 km(h

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