Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Wet and Snowy Alpspitze Round

Tuesday once again, with the according weather. It even started snowing in May, which is becoming more common around here. Nico arrived at about six and as the weather was so unpredictable (for that moment we had blue sky) we waited with Dad until Heidi had finished and then set of together towards the Alpspitze.
Biked past the brewery and up along the ski piste for a bit before entering the forest and continuing along a small path. Finally managed to get up a stretch of gravel I have had problems with. After getting a few layers of clothes of we continued on, as it was uphill from then on. Nico and me left Dad and Heidi back a bit. Met Wolfi near the chapel on the way up, he had just picked up biking and shot up a stretch with us. He left us at the crossing to the middle station and we continued on to Sportheim Böck. Was rather windy and cold getting nearer to the top, as the protective tree cover was left behind. Even managed to get above snow level. Reached Sportheim Böck and waited for Heidi and Dad for a bit, just long enough to get our warm clothes on. We had a short discussion if we should turn round or go up a bit further. Still some daylight around, but the clouds had cast over. We carried on to the top, some snow starting to fall. Once we reached our highest point the snow started picking up a bit. Went down across a field, which Dad was sure led to a track past the Herzler Hütte. Ended up getting closer to the “Grat”, but had a fun time exploring round the back of the Alpspitze, with the snow falling from the sky becoming ever more present. Went whizzing down towards and bejond the Haslacher Alm and raced back home for a hot shower, Nico turning towards home in Gschwend.
Track at GPSies and pictures at Picasa. Dads blog here.

Time in saddle: 2 hours
Distance: 19,2 km
Average speed:9,4 km/h

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