Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Sunday Biking

Was out biking with Markus today. He had a tour planned around his area, and as both of us had nothing to do on Easter Sunday we went biking. I had to drive to his first, as he does live a bit away from me.
After getting the track on to my GPS we set of down in to the valley in Sulzberg lies. Went down some rather narrow trails near to the beginning already, but it was fun going down with nobody else in the way. After reaching the bottom of the valley we biked up the other side, past a rehabilitation centre for drug addicted people. Rather a large complex, with lots of buildings. Nearly an own town in its right. After that it was uphill through fields. A pair of caravan tourists stopped at the side of the road, so Markus consulted them on where they want to go. Turned out they where on the wrong side of Kempten, which was ways away. They had no navigation device, neither did they have a map. Just some information written on a piece of paper. After sending them on their merry way, we proceeded uphill. Reached the top at 983m and carried along a forest trail, with lots of wet roots. Got of at one point as the incline was to steep, but otherwise no problems. Carried on along the side of forests on not that marked paths, and had some fund whizzing downhill. Biked up a bit on the main road, to get over in to the Rottach valley. Then it was downhill into the valley. Had to get down some steep steps, which nobody in their right mind would bike down. For some unknown reason there was a “no horses” sign at the bottom. Don't have a clue how you want to get a horse down there. Back up to the other side of the river, after crossing an overgrown bridge. Continued along the old salt road from Austria, lovely area to bike in. Missed the turn of at one point, understandable, as it wanted to send us strait through the field. After dodging boulders left and right, avoiding holes and the likes, we ended up biking through spring fields. Arrived at a main road and followed it for a while, before taking a turn back uphill through another field. After a while we arrived at a trail, which took us right through a forest. Brilliant route, not thought for mortal bikers. There where some interesting drops to the left and some boulders we had to navigate through. When there was a warning of a power line up ahead, we abandoned our track and took a detour. After that it was down to Sulzberg and back up to Markus's home, rather exhausted, as there where a lot of trails for that distance.
Track at GPSies and pictures at Picasa.

Time in saddle: 2 hours 25min
Distance: 28.4 km
Average speed: 11.8 km/h

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