Thursday, April 10, 2014

Thursday Rückholz Trailing

Thursday again, in German it is named Donnerstag aka “Thunderday”. There was no thunder today, but we had our bout of rain at about four o'clock in the afternoon.
Once we where on our bikes and at the Alpspitzhalle it had stopped and the sun was trying to get through the cloud cover. Group 1 started a bit earlier today, leaving at 18.30 in stead of 18.45. The quarter of an hour does grant us a bit more time of biking, so it was well worth it.
Set of towards Rindegg along trails that I didn't know where there, chatting to Sepp along the way. Have not seen him since last, not the only male present in Group 1 any more. Through Attlesee and on towards Rückholz, up the Rückholzer Steig once again. Nice forest track from Inge once again, in places I would have never known them to be. Sunlight warming us up all the time now, with a fantastic back light. In Rückholz we stopped at a Grotte (a chapel built in the side of a hill in a cave). Hetti had some issue with a bit of a flat tyre, but nothing big. Continued on until we reached the Hängebrücke, after using the modern cow gates as whips. The bridge was a bit wet, but all got over in the end. Carried on with the suns glow illuminating the Alps in red. Back past Bischofsstein, up Wertachtal and to the Bistro, as the light was dwindling and we got back just in time to not put our lights on.
Track at GPSies, pictures at Picasa, Dads blog here and a report from Sepp here.

Time in saddle: 1 hour 50 min.
Distance: 27.8 km
Average speed: 15.4 km/h

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