Thursday, April 17, 2014

Thursday Late Evening

Out with the Thursday bikers again today, as it is Thursday. Looking outside from the warm confines of the house, the weather looked perfect. A few straggling clouds and lots of blue sky. So it was short stuff on and outside I went. For a few seconds. The weather was freezing, so I came back in to put long clothes on. Met Heidi and picked up Irene on the way and carried on to the Alpspitzhalle.
Met up with everyone and set of down Wertachtal. Up to Schneidbach, with Heidi and Hetti having chain problems near the bottom. On along the Oyer Moorweg, a fast paced wood trail if done right. They have built up some wood constructs to keep the feet of people dry when its damp, but it is a bit of a challenge for bikers to get round them. Upwards through Schwarzenberg, enjoying the view at the top and getting a panorama pictures. Along some tracks in the fields somewhere and down an interesting trail near the Schwarzenberger Weiher. The local fauna was not to happy with this, we had deer jumping out of our way left and right.
Carried on down into the Rottachtal and underneath the bridge, before biking back uphill to Haag. Was getting dark slowly, so we put our lights on in Mittelberg. Somehow down to Haslach via some fields and foot ways and then back to Nesselwang and the bistro. The Wertach valley being especially cold today. Had some Glühwein in the bistro to war up again.
Track at GPSies and pictures at Picasa.

Time in saddle: 2 hours
Distance: 29.5 km
Average speed: 14.8 km/h

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