Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wednesday Rain up Vilstal

Biking with Nico and Markus today. Cycling was moved to today as Nico had to do some business yesterday, but the weather was not better at all.
We were meeting up at the Alpspitzhalle and I already had my rain gear on going down, where I then meet Markus and Nico. Strait of towards Pfronten Kappel via the Baggersee and then on towards Vilstal. Up Vilstal, I was already a bit worried near the beginning. I had forgotten how long it was and in bad weather conditions it is no fun. Especially Markus was hit hard as he has not done a lot of biking this year, but he got a new MTB which had to be tried.
Reached the end of Vilstal after a few navigational hazards and continued on towards Schattwald.
By now it had really started to rain, but I don't outright remember when it started. Along the main road in single file formation all alone. No car overtook us until behind Wertach and near to the beginning our feet where drenched already. Finally reached Haslach, which meant near to home, and then just down into Wertachtal, through Gschwend and back home to a fire, bath and tea.
Track at GPSies and some pictures at Picasa.

Time in saddle: 2 hours 30 min.
Distance: 40,80 km
Average speed: 16,2 km/h

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