Saturday, May 4, 2013

Canyoning Krebsklamm

This weekend was dedicated towards canyoning and rafting. Spent the evening of Friday driving to Ötztal with Sven and Johanna. Sven being the organiser of the trip, him having met Johanna in Egypt a few years prior to date.
After sleeping in a pension which was supplied by water c raft, the company we were doing this with, and a good breakfast it was of to base. Meeting the rest of the group and our guide we had a fun chat before being supplied with all our gear and setting of to the canyon. Being eight people in the bus it got rather warm with wetsuits on. Arrived at the entrance to the canyon the first thing we did was a safety briefing.
Then we took the plunge into cold water. Start of summer and they still have a lot of snow at the top of the mountains which is melting and making lots of cold water. At first rather flattish with a few small abseiling places. Got steeper carrying on but we all had no problem. Sven made lots of pictures and there were only a few slips here and there. Then the first big waterfall we went down through. So much water that you couldn't see through. Also the first place we were completely drenched. Carried on and had a few pools and waterfalls along the way. Last point was a 30m abseiling cliff with the last 1m being a drop.
Once all had arrived at the bottom we grilled something called an Alpendöner, basically meat, onions, mustard and beer in a bun. After scoffing ourself on food it was back to the bus and base.
After arriving and getting changed we had a drink and received our certificates. Had a chat with everyone and then it was back to the pension and some food to eat before bed.

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