Thursday, May 2, 2013

Thursday Wertachtal, Oyer Moos, Grüntensee

Once again very cloudy, or misty, today. You could think it is autumn. The weather has been a bit weird these past day's, always changing between looking OK to getting nasty.
Set of with a lot of people considering the gloomy atmosphere, but it was lightened up in the group. Up through Schneidbach at first, with the front people getting a bit ahead again. Through Schneidbach and down a trail into Wertachtal. Through the Wertachtal and towards Stich, with Paulina loosing the grip on her chain at one point. Karin shouted a bit but nothing bad happened. Through the Oyer Moos after that with Daniel H. speeding ahead and doing some tricks as he does down-hilling sometimes.
Up some hill and then down along the Mühlbachweg, always a fun trip and I think taking the steps on a bike there is the most fun (booing, booing).
After that through Feistenoy and along a trail, which Inge found once again, to the Grüntensee. Round the Grüntensee and back home through Reichenbach. It was getting quiet dark and not all of us had “legal” bikes for night time trips (no one actually) but we went the last bit home along the main road. Arrived at Jimmy's with not a drop of rain and found out it had pissed in Pfronten, were Group 2 had been.
Track at GPSies, some pictures at Picasa and the report here.

Time in saddle: 2 hours 20 min
Distance: 34.1 km
Average speed: 14.5 km/h

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